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Resistance is futile!!!

Locutius sunwolf at ici.net
Mon Nov 25 11:26:07 EST 1996

Never get any mail, eh????  Now you have some, be prepared!!!

You just got mail from yourself.  Odd, isn't it?

I am "Locutius" (well not really, but I like the name).

What I *really* am or more apropos, *whom* I really am is...

               _THE OTHER GUY_

Yes, I am the other guy that Josie Amaral is dating, Sean.

And unlike you, I am having a grand old time with her in the 

most incredible, sexual sense.  Too bad she "doesn't want a 

committment from you" because she is committed to me.

Committed to providing me with incredible, mind-boggling,


That's correct, ask her, I have her at will, whenever and wherever.

Thursday night we "bumped uglies" for over 3 hours.  She blew me

twice (and she does it so well).  Josie also loves anal sex and

I made her cum like 4 times by butt-slamming her.

So when you saw her on Friday, could you still taste my jism in

her mouth from the night before?  How about on Saturday?

You're probably not a bad guy, just a bit naive.

Hey, you didn't know, but now you do.

Too bad you'll never get to try the hot little red head.

She has red hair down there too (which she trimmed off for me,

it looks too fine!!!).

When she is with you, she is thinking about me, more appropriately,

she is thinking about having sex with me.  

You must be pretty lame not to have tried anything of a sexual nature

with her in how many months?  I meet her needs, in fact, I surpass

them.  Ask her, go ahead, it is about time.

Deal with it and get over it.

Somebody had to lose with this, she was seeing two people

(you forgot, didn't you?).  I guess I am just the better man.

You've already lost, just consider Josie to be a friend and
nothing more.

Resistance is futile!!!


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