Tox & Env Fate Info On Pesticide

Thu Aug 3 16:32:48 EST 1995

I don't know whether many on this list are aware of it, so in response to the
many requests for toxicology data on various pesticide active ingredients, I'd
like to pass along the URL for EXTOXNET (The EXtension TOXicology NETwork):


Once there you will need to make two successive menu choices as follows:

  choose item #3--Oregon Extension Service Projects and Programs
   then choose item #4--EXTOXNET

Once there you'll find a lot of interesting tox. and env. chem related stuff,
including Pesticide Information Profiles (concise summaries of available toxi-
cology and environmental fate data) for about 140 pesticide active ingredients
(including many pyrethroids/pyrethrins, organochlorines, carbamate and organo-
phosphates).  PIPs and some of the other materials available at the site are
intended for those without an extensive backgound in enviromental toxicology
and chemistry, and may be useful for those seeking concise summaries or start-
ing points for more in-depth research.

The service is also available via gopher and an email-driven Almanac system,
and if anyone is interested in these modes of access I will be happy to pro-
vide them with the details pertaining thereto.

Hoping this may be useful to list subscribers,

B. L. Aaron, MS
envtox at msu.edu
EXTOXNET Midwestern Regional Access Center

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