Molecular Biology in Toxicology Book

Alvaro.Puga at UC.EDU Alvaro.Puga at UC.EDU
Sun Aug 13 15:04:32 EST 1995

Dear Toxicologists!
Ken Wallace (U. of Minnesota) and myself have been asked to co-edit a book
about Molecular Biology in (for) Toxicology.  We have a number of ideas on what
the contents of the book should be about, but we very much would like to have a
sense of the interests of the toxicology community on this subject. We do not
want to do a book on techniques: there is plenty of good ones dealing with
molecular biology techniques out there. We want it to be some sort of a bridge
between classical toxicology studies and the "new approach" to analysis of
mechanisms and practical applications.
Please let us know your thoughts.  Send e-mail to Alvaro.Puga at UC.EDU  We'll let
you know what the book will look like long before it's printed!! This is called
"science by consensus".  Thanks a lot.

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