Please read--organized discussions on bionet.toxicology?

Wed Aug 16 13:28:38 EST 1995

How about cholinesterase inhibition?  What levels of inhibition in 
plasma, erythrocyte, and brain ChE would be considered toxicologically 
and/or biologically significant, in the absence or presence of cholinergic 

On 16 Aug 1995, Chuck Miller wrote:

> Dear Tox Netters,
> Things have been kind of quiet at bionet.toxicology so far. There are lots
> of fascinating toxicological studies that we can learn about and discuss.
> In an effort to stimulate some real scientific dialog in our forum, I
> propose the organization of some specific discussions on current
> toxicological topics.
> If you have a particular subject that you would like to suggest for
> discussion (and perhaps would like to lead the group in a discussion) then
> please let me know. I envision these discussions as an "online" journal
> club of sorts. Perhaps we could discuss one specific topic each month. If
> you are happy with the way the group is functioning in the absence of
> organized discussions, I would like to know that too.
> Replies to this request be made directly to the bionet.toxicology news
> group by sending e-mail to toxicol at net.bio.net (or, if you prefer
> anonymity, to me personally). 
> Virtually yours,
> Chuck
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