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Here is a cross posting that may be of interest to toxicologists --such as
those of you working in bioremediation, genotoxicity testing and other
areas. This would be a good model for SOT to follow.

Microbiology has a new domain on the Web.  The American Society for
Microbiology (ASM) Homepage premiered on the World Wide Web August 1 at
        Designed as a comprehensive, easy to navigate, information source
on the microbiological sciences, the ASM homepage will appeal to everyone
from scientists to the lay public.  The multimedia environment contains
information and activities useful to ASM Members, other scientists and
the general public:

*       Financial aid:  Information on scholarships, fellowships and
        travel grants online.
*       Downloadable forms will allow users to do everything from joining
        the Society and ordering publications to searching for a job in
*       Keep up to date on the latest research being published in the
        Society's 11 peer-reviewed journals with tables of contents
        online.  Also online:  press releases, meeting programs, position
        statements and congressional testimony on key issues affecting
*       Lots of links connect users to a wealth of information on the
        microbiological sciences including universities, government
        agencies, newsgroups, electronic journals and the latest search
        engines for the web.

        Work has already begun on a future ftp site of Society documents
as well as inline forms and credit card transactions.
        # # #
        The American Society for Microbiology, headquartered in
Washington, D.C., is the oldest and largest single biological membership
organization, with nearly 40,000 members worldwide.


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