Please read--organized discussions on bionet.toxicology?

Dr. P.J.J.M. Weterings weterin at knoware.nl
Thu Aug 17 10:57:09 EST 1995

The idea of Chuck Miller to introduce more discussion in this newsgroup by 
changing topics monthly is appealing to me. I would encourage a 
controversial statement to be made at the start to stimulate the exchange of 

Personally, I am particularly interested in discussion topics around 
'regulatory toxicology' that would attract toxicologists from industry, 
academia, contract research organisations and governmental agencies. In this 
repect, it might be important to mention that the expressed opinions are 
strictly personal and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of one's 
employer. This will guarantee an open and honest expression of views.

A potential topic, which is currently debated in Europe, is the application 
of computational and in vitro models for the estimation of percutaneous 
absorption (e.g. for a more reliable extrapolation of data from studies with 
a different route of exposure).



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