Sept. discussion topic: toxicology and hereditable diseases

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Bionet.Toxicology September Discussion Topic:
Heritable Diseases and Toxicology 

Hereditable diseases and their relevance to the discipline of toxicology is
the subject of a recent special issue of Environmental and Molecular
Mutagenesis (vol. 25, supplement 26, 1995 -- copies of this special issue
are available from Wiley-Liss Publishing). The contents of this issue serve
as a background for our September discussion topic. Discussion participants
can send e-mail comments to toxicol at net.bio.net.

Some questions I propose for group discussion are:

1. What is the actual impact of toxic agents on human hereditary diseases,
especially diseases other than cancers?

2. What, if any, are the best tests to identify the genotoxic potential of
such agents?  
--and-- Given what we know about the multitude of factors that determine
toxicity, is there any point in attempting to develop a "universal"
genotoxicity test?

3. Some calculations suggest that human male germ cells have about a
10-fold greater mutation rate than female germ cells. Do you agree? Should
we focus our efforts to find ways of protecting germ cells from acquiring
heritable mutations?

4. Given the present and future emphasis on genome sequencing and analysis,
should we train toxicology students to be more facile in genetics? 


For those interested, here are the topics covered in the special issue:

Errol Zeiger

Mutagenesis and Human Genetic Disease:  An Introduction
Vicki L. Dellarco, Robert P. Erickson, Susan E. Lewis, and Michael D. 

The New Human Genetics
Robert P. Erickson and Susan E. Lewis

Uniparental Disomy and Genomic Imprinting as Causes of Human Genetic 
Suzanne B. Cassidy

Mosaicism:  The Embryo as a Target for Induction of Mutations Leading to 
Cancer and Genetic Disease
Harvey Mohrenweiser and Barbara Zingg

Mitochondrial Mutations and Human Disease
Lawrence I Grossman

Etiology of Nondisjunction in Humans
Michael A. Abruzzo and Terry J. Hassold

Biological Basis of Germline Mutation: Comparisons of Spontaneous 
Germline Mutation Rates Among Drosophila, Mouse and Human
Joni B. Drost and William R. Lee

Population Genetics of Induced Mutations
D.P. Lovell

Lessons Learned from Epidemiological Studies of Environmental Exposure 
and Genetic Disease
Andrew F. Olshan

Mutagenesis and Human Genetic Disease:  Dominant Mutation Frequencies and 
a Characterization of Mutational Events in Mice and Humans
Jack Favor

Perspectives on Molecular Assays for Measuring Mutation in Human and 
J. G. Burkhart

Influence of Heredity on Human Sensitivity to Environmental Chemicals
Wendell W. Weber

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