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Alain Carriere alaincar at cyberus.ca
Mon Aug 28 20:50:58 EST 1995

On 25 Aug 1995, fletcht at gov.on.ca (Tim Fletcher) wrote:
>The Standards Development Branch of the Ontario Ministry of
>Environment and Energy has developed draft documents for Interim Provincial
>Water Quality Objectives for molydenum and hexachloroethane.  The PWQO document reviews available data on the
>sources, fate and aquatic toxicity with a discussion of
>mutagenicity appended.  Based on this information, IPWQOs for
>protection of aquatic life are proposed following a defined Ministry
>Your assistance is being sought in providing technical peer review
>comments on these IPWQO documents.

>If you can suggest other reviewers who might have
>specific interests in the criterion or its implementation, I would
>appreciate this as well. 
>T. Fletcher
>Environmental Standards Section
>Standards Development Branch
>Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy

I suggest you contact

Dr. Perry Anderson
Director, Graduate Programme In Ecotoxicology
Concordia University
Tel: (514) 848-3391
Fax: (514) 848-2807

Dr. Anderson has considerable expertise and experience in aquatic 

Alain Carriere <alaincar at cyberus.ca>

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