Lawrence Segal am879 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Wed Aug 30 16:49:05 EST 1995

Richard C. Harmon (cytact at netcom.com) writes:
> The FDA OK'ed use of thalidomide for compassionate use in AIDS-related
> cachexia.  The company that got permission for the expanded testing is
> named Celgene, which specializes in the synthesis of chiral intermediates. 
> Does anyone know how the manufacturing process may have taken the bite out
> of the thalidomide stigma?  I'd appreciate any feedback.  Thanks. 

What do you mean by "taken the bite out of the thalidomide stigma"?  If the
drug is administered to AIDS patients, and is effective for the specific
indication for which it has been approved, the benefits of the drug should
outweigh the risks.  I'm sure that the approval for this use of
thalidomide excludes women of child-bearing age.
Lawrence Segal
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

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