Coprinus mushroom poisoning

Andrew J. Sonderfan sonderfa at IRIS.PROCEPT.COM
Thu Aug 31 13:32:31 EST 1995

KS Lampe, writing in "Casarett and Doull's Toxicology", states that the
active principle in coprinus atramentarius is cyclopropanone hydrate.

For a review specific to coprinus, try: Michelot, D. "Poisoning by Coprinus
atramentarius."  Nat. Toxins, 1992, 1(2), 73-80.

For poisonous mushrooms: Lampe, KS. "Toxic Fungi."  Annu. Rev. Pharmacol.
Toxicol., 1979, 19, 85-104.

Hope this is a helpful start.

Andrew J. Sonderfan

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