E-400 Algenic acid

Aleksandar Mitic amitic at chat.carleton.ca
Sat Dec 2 01:20:42 EST 1995

Two postings for a friend:

1) Please let me know if you have any information about E-400 Algenic acid

2)Toxicologist from Yugoslavia looking for a job: 20 years of experience,
currently one of the Directors at the Veterinary Institute in Belgrade,
Yugoslavia. Fluent in English.
  Experience with quality determination (ingrediens, feeds, water, air,
soil) and residua determination (pesticids, metals, mycotoxins,
antibiotics, hormons, vitamins and alkaloids) in ingredients, water, air,
soil, feeds, biochemical material.
  --Technical experience includes:
UV-VIS//HPLC//AAS//GLC//GC-MS//TLC//Flame photometry/ Electrochemistry/
Classical chemistry analysis.

 If you are interested in a full resume (or know someone who would be)
please e-mail.

Thank you.


Aleksandar Mitic
Carleton University

Email address: amitic at chat.carleton.ca

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