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The solubility of BaSO4 is about 1*10-5 M at 30 deg C.While pretty low,it 
may still be significant,particularly because barium sulfate is constipating
and it might stay in the gut for a long time.Laxatives are usually dispensed
after the X-rays are done.The one time that I had my belly X-ray'd ,I was given
a stiff dose of Epsom Salt (MgSO4) ,which makes a lot of sense,since it not 
only speeds up the elimination of the barium,but it also reduces the solubility
by some 5 orders of magnitude.(assuming [Mg++] and [SO4--] to be about 1 molar).


rellim at MAILHOST.TCS.TULANE.EDU (Chuck Miller) writes:

>Barium used in diagnostic radiology is in the insoluble sulfate form.
>Consequently, it never leaves the gut and is eliminated by fecal excretion.
>I know of no toxicity resulting from barium sulfate use in medical tests. 

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