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Wed Dec 13 09:44:48 EST 1995

I am Mike Bowling, and i work for a biotechnical company called In Vitro
Technologies, Inc. located in Baltimore, MD.  We are a company
specializing in contract testing services in toxicology, drug metabolism,
P450 enzyme characterization, and skin metabolism/absorption.  We also
carry a line of animal subcellular fractions including microsomes, S9, and
cytosol, and we are affiliated with the Internation Institute for the
Advancement of Medicine for distribution of the same types of products in

In Vitro Technologies, Inc. offers services in a speedy, organized manner,
and we comply with FDA, OECD, and other good laboratory practice

Since your interest is primarily toxicology, let me mention that we
conduct MTT, ALT, LDH, protein synthesis, neutral red, intercellular
potassium, and several other toxicology assays.  We also are constantly
expanding our assay capabilities, so if you would like to discuss special
needs, we would be happy to serve you.

If you would like more information, including sample protocols, general
information about the company, assays, etc., or price information on
animal or human biological products, then call, write, or e-mail:

In Vitro Technologies, Inc.
5202 Westland Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21227  USA
tel: (410) 455-1242 or -1243
fax: (410) 455-1245
e-mail: ivtzomes at aol.com
Attention: Mike Bowling, Information Systems Specialist

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