ron macdonald macdorp at spuddy.mew.co.uk
Sat Dec 16 15:03:41 EST 1995

Cumulative effects

I'm trying to gather information on the possible cumulative, or, long term
effects of Hydrofluoric acid on the digestive and respiratory systems.

It is used quite extensively at the steelworks where I'm employed, as part of 
the treatment of stainless steel.

Concentration is in the order of 3.5%, but part of the process generates
some fuming, although not a great deal.

All the normal precautions are taken - full protective clothing with short term
immersion protection, showers, eye baths, calcium gluconate gel, etc.

These are, however, measures designed to deal with short term contamination.

Any information on cumulative, or long term, effects would be appreciated. 

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