Needed: Information on working as a toxicologist

Anne Lilie Anne.Lilie at extern.uni-ulm.de
Sun Jul 2 15:43:35 EST 1995


I am interested in studying toxicology or eco-toxicology.
If I graduate with a Dr. degree, what would my daily work be as 
toxicologist (spelling?) or eco-toxicologist?
Where do they work?
Can a eco-toxicologist work as a toxicologist, and vice versa? 
Is there a big difference between those two fields of study?

How is the jobmarket in this field (in Europe: mainly Germany, France,
and Northamerica (Canada)?

Do Hospitals have toxicologists? If yes what do they do? 
Or does one have to be a Dr.med. who is specialized in toxicology?

Are a lot of toxin-tests still performed on animals? 
Which have been replaced, and which are still done on animals?
Does eco-toxicology also require tests on animals? If yes, which? 

Thank you, I am waiting anxiously for your answers!!! 

Anne.Lilie at extern.uni-ulm.de 

Anne Lilie
Anne.Lilie at extern.uni-ulm.de

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