Biodegradation QSAR

Stefan Unger sunger at crl.com
Wed Jul 5 19:14:28 EST 1995

A generalized aerobic biodegradability model (v1.5) of TOPKAT exists.  I 
am a dealer.  Please let me know if you would like information sent (need 
mailing address, which you supplied, below.)  Thanks.

 Dr. P.J.J.M. Weterings (weterin at knoware.nl) wrote:
: Could someone help me find an expert on structure-activity relations in 
: biodegradation research?
: I am primarily interested in QSAR-modelling to predict the biodegradability 
: of alicyclic hydrocarbons (by microorganisms occurring in sewage treatment 
: plants and in surface water).

: Thank you.
: Regards,

: Dr. Peter J.J.M. Weterings
: Iepenlaan 16
: 5248 AK  Rosmalen
: Tel/Fax: +31-(0)4192-19877
: E-mail : weterin at knoware.nl

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