The Big Guy sean at BEST.COM
Thu Jul 6 22:31:05 EST 1995

: Help please research project on phenolphthalein poisoning. Need  info on false
: positive and false negative drug and food interactions on screening test of
: phenolphthalein with sodium hydroxide. I have done extensive searches on Medline,MELVYL at UCSF,GLADIS at UCB, LOIS at LANE(Stanford),anad NML. I have the test procedure but not any info regarding known drugs or foods such as anthocyanin(fruits) that cause false positive or false negative test results. I am involved in a personal situation and any info or help would be greatly appreciated.
I have a medical and chemical educational background and am not looking to tread on any one's research projects. I need the information strictly for personal use.
Thank you again ahead of time. 

: Thank you
:  Sean
sean at best.com

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