Senate debate on regulations

Stephen J Williams willham at astro.ocis.temple.edu
Sun Jul 16 19:04:36 EST 1995

Dear fellow toxicologists,
    it has come to my attention that the House has sent House bill 
H.R. 9 "the job creation act" to the Senate subcommitees for review.
In this bill are listed many requirements and legislation that will
have direct impact on the toxicologic review process of pharmacueticals,
chemicals, and biologicals that are currently regulated by the FDA and
EPA.   Although I do not want this posting to be portrayed as a 
political view, much of the proposed legislation would take the risk
assesment process out of the hands of toxicologists ( and agencies such
as FDA, EPA, NIOSH, OSHA) and more into the hands of management of private
industry.  Please look carefully at this bill (located on WWW at the House
of Representatives web site under H.R. 9 (search for H.R. 9 at their menu)
and notify your Senator on your feelings about this legislation.  I do feel
that many Senators would appreciate the advice and opinions of the many
toxicologists in industry, research, academia, and government agencies
to more understand the existing framework for risk assesment and allow 
them to come to the conclusion that the scientist is best suited for
the risk assesment process rather than management.  Thank you for your time.

willham at astro.ocis.temple.edu

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