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A couple of people have sent questions and comments about Hg to me by
e-mail. I am passing them on to the group for discussion.

Regarding reproductive effects: 
The LACK of effect of Hg on HYPERACTIVATED sperm motility is pointed out.
This is in contrast to Pb and Cd, which do affect HYPERACTIVATED sperm
motility at low conc. (Mol. Reprod. Dev. 41:239, 1995).
The first author states:
>As hyperactivated motility is necessary for fertilization this means that Cd
>and Pb at >very low levels, levels that do not inhibit sperm motility or
>affect spermatogenesis, >may prevent fertilization. On the other hand very low
>levels of Hg are benign in this 

Another person sent the following question that may stimulate some
discussion among the metal and neurotox investigators in netland.

>Question:  Could mercury and other metals found in our systems be a cause for 
>depression and other mental disorderes?  Can you be a "mad hatter" due to the 
>fillings in your mouth?
>I posted this question to a news group dealing with depression.  I have not 
>recieved an answer yet.  After reading your post, thought you could answer 
>this question for me.

If you have a reply to these comments and questions, please send it to the
tox group by e-mail to toxicol at net.bio.net (for Americas and Pacific Rim)
or to toxicol at daresbury.ac.uk (for Europe, Central Asia, and Africa). 

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