Research into in vitro methods

Paul Stewart stewart at bud.peinet.pe.ca
Fri Jun 9 09:25:08 EST 1995

 greg at mynx.demon.co.uk (Greg Brown) writes:
>I am currently studying what progress is being made in finding in
>vitro alternatives to current in vivo methods using animal models.
>I would be very grateful if anyone with information or who is working
>in this field would email me.

	I posted a request for contacts to assist me in assessing the 
feasibility of using microsomal fractions of hepatopancreas of mussels 
(M. edulis), plated in an Ames test setup containing the substance to be 
tested for mutagenesis, as an indicator of estuarine water quality and 
toxin runoff from surrounding agricultural and industrial land. Do you 
ahve any interest in this, comments on how to design this totally in 
vitro, etc. We grow tons of mussels here on PEI, so the model is already 
built in. Email me if you want a copy of the original post or details of 
my proposal. Thanks

ABIOGEN c/o Paul Stewart
RR #2 Vernon Bridge
Prince Edward Island
stewart at cycor.ca

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