Research into in vitro methods

Lawrence Segal am879 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Sat Jun 10 06:33:21 EST 1995

Greg Brown (greg at mynx.demon.co.uk) writes:
> I am currently studying what progress is being made in finding in
> vitro alternatives to current in vivo methods using animal models.
> I would be very grateful if anyone with information or who is working
> in this field would email me.
> I am particularly interested in any research into in vitro methods of
> irritancy and toxicological assement.

I see that you are posting from the UK.  I would suggest you get in touch
with FRAME at the University of Nottingham.  They publish a journal on
in vitro alternatives called ATLA.  There's also the Center for
Alternatives at Johns Hopkins in the US.  They publish a newsletter and
sponsor an annual meeting.  The proceedings are published (there's at
least 7-8 volumes by now).  

With respect to skin irritation testing alternatives, here in Canada Dr.
Dan Sauder's group at Univ. of Toronto have been working on a biossay
method with cultured human epidermal keratinocytes for several years.

Lawrence Segal
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

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