Introduction/info request

Sun Jun 11 20:42:57 EST 1995

Hello! I had written before, and in the midst of classwork, research 
for several papers, and  my husband's hospitalization, I managed to mislay 
the information you provided to me.
  I had written asking about sources of information on the Vietnam/Agent 
issue, the D-storm illnesses (particularly as described in the "Is Military 
Research Hazardous to Veteran's Health?" report from the Senate last Dec.
  I am also interested in the possible link between illnesses resulting from 
such experimentation (as in the vet's and civilians exposed to radiation,
mustard gas, lewesite, those involved in the CIA/DOD's experiments with
LSD and another compound called "BZ", the other compounds used in Vietnam 
Agents Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, White and Pink Rose, on top of the arsnic
other organophosphate & carbanmate compounds, and finally the impact of 
the use of the vaccines and pills issued during Desert Storm) and the
increases in illnesses that do not respond to traditional treatments any 
more...I believe they are viruses?
   Could the increase in cancers/luekemias, MS, chemical sensitivities etc 
be related to any of these? Does anyone know of any studies on this? Or 
sources of info? Has anyone else looked into this?
   Any help would be appreciated! Would also like to be included on your ]
mailing list, as I am sure there is much to be learned! many thanks, <L>


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