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kkaye at vax.ox.ac.uk kkaye at vax.ox.ac.uk
Thu Jun 15 11:04:54 EST 1995

Hello, all!

I am organising a conference on ecotoxicology for a commercial and fairly
high-powered group of people. I have a number of contacts and ideas about the
right people and topics for two days, but I thought I'd ask you, too: if you
could choose one ideal person and their topic, what would it be?

My version of Desert Island Ecotoxicologists may not be the same as yours;
and what about your luxury item? This is not restricted to the UK's Top Ten
Golden Oldies or Trendy Indies!

I will compile a synopsis of people's answers for the newsgroup; and you may
include yourselves, with your institute and speciality (and citations if you
want to go that far).

With thanks,
(Dr.) Katherine J. Kaye
School of Geography
Mansfield Road
Oxford OX1 3TB, UK
fax: + 44 (0)1865-271929
email kkaye at vax.ox.ac.uk

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