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Sam J. Ralph sralph at plato.ucs.mun.ca
Tue Jun 20 05:13:15 EST 1995

sralph at plato.ucs.mun.ca (Sam J. Ralph) wrote:

>Hi, I read a post a while back about someone looking for web sites and
>he would post his findings later. Did this post appear? I've been
>looking for it but haven't seen it. I do have a few toxicology related
>sites and they're attached to this as netscape book marks. If any else
>has some good ones I be interested in seeing  them.

I've recieved a couple of replies, asking if I could use ascii text
instead of html. Well, sure, I can do that. It was a little
short-sighted of me to post in a html format anyway.


Sam Ralph
Marooned in MUN's Biochemistry Department :)
'81 CB650 that runs - right now anyway :)

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