Peer Reviewers Needed - Cobalt

Thu Jun 22 14:03:17 EST 1995

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From: fletcht at gov.on.ca (Tim Fletcher)
Subject: Peer Reviewers Needed - Cobalt
Message-ID: <DAJx89.AxI at gov.on.ca>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 01:52:57 GMT

The Standards Development Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Environment and
Energy has completed development of a draft Provincial Water
Quality Objective (PWQO) document for Cobalt.  The PWQO
document reviews available data on the sources, fate and aquatic
toxicity of cobalt. Based on this information, a PWQO for protection of
aquatic life is proposed following a defined Ministry protocol.

Your assistance is being sought in providing technical peer review comments
the PWQO document.  We would appreciate review comments on the accuracy,
completeness and interpretation of the scientific literature used in setting
PWQO, rather than comments on the protocol used to develop the PWQO.

In an effort to broaden the base of our reviewers, we are using the internet
find willing and suitable reviewers.  We are looking for reviewers with a
scientific background in aquatic toxicology or related environmental science
are mainly interested in those with academic, governmental, or industrial
affiliations.  If you can suggest other reviewers who might have specific
interests in the Interim PWQO for cobalt, or its implementation we would
appreciate this as well.

If you are interested in providing such a review please contact Mr. T. Fletc
by July 10, 1995 by E-mail (Fletcht at gov.on.ca), with your
snail mail address. A copy of the document will be mailed to you.

I sincerely appreciate your help in this review.

T. Fletcher
Contaminants Assessment Scientist
Environmental Standards Section
Standards Development Branch
Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy

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