Best way to determine LDs in mice?

Chuck Miller rellim at MAILHOST.TCS.TULANE.EDU
Mon Jun 26 12:12:43 EST 1995

The following information pertains to the determination of LD10, LD50,
etc., in mice. I was requested to post this information anonymously. 

>I received a comment about some proposed research that stated that the
>determination of LD10 values (in mice) have large daily variations
>and the use of 6 mice per group with 8 different concentrations is
>inadequate to produce a meaningful dose-response curve.  I also proposed
>some dose ranging with 4 concentrations each time and also 6 mice/group.
>The proposed effects may be small, but this was the starting procedure.

What methods do you follow to accurately determine LD values?  What are the
minimal numbers of animals and treatments needed to construct an LD curve?
Is daily variation for low LD values (i.e., LD10) a problem for others out
there? Please reply by e-mail to toxicol at net.bio.net or
toxicol at daresbury.ac.uk.


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