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(c.r.anderson) wrote:
> I spilt a solution of approx. 20g bendiocarb (insecticide) in 4 litres
of water
> onto a concrete patio and into a flower bed. I have hosed the area down
> several times since.
> Thanks for any info
> Chris Anderson
> c.r.anderson at dl.ac.uk

Bendiocarb, like most carbamate insecticides decomposes by hydrolysis. The
reaction is greatly faster in alkaline conditions. You can decontaminate
the concrete with an alkali cleaner such as trisodium phosphate or sodium
carbonate.  Treat it for a few minutes, and flush it off with water. 

Probably the best thing for the flower-beds is to create a barrier over
the soil so that your children won't contact it directly. You can use
something like porous plastic weed-barrier covered with pea-gravel,
sphagnum, bark, etc. It will even look nice and keep weeds from growing.
Of course, you may have some difficulty convincing the kitty to not use it
for a latrine.

Good luck,

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