Aspartame clinical trials

Terri Lynne Koleber tlk10 at lennon.csufresno.edu
Mon Nov 6 14:05:46 EST 1995

I am a senior majoring in Industrial Hygiene. For my toxicology class we 
are to choose an animal or human study and then take the opposing view in 
a paper. I have chosen aspartame as my topic, but am having trouble 
finding an actual technical paper on it. I have found several books which 
discuss the possible deleterious effects of it, and articles which suggest 
the same, but they either don't list the studies to which they refer or 
my library doesn't carry the journal where the study was published.

Was there a study published in JAMA, NEJM, or any other widely available 
journals? It doesn't matter if the study concluded aspartame was safe or 
unsafe, since I can argue either point.

Thank you!

Terri L. Koleber  tlk10 at lennon.pub.csufresno.edu

Environmental Health and Industrial Hygiene student at Environmental
Health and Safety Office of California State University, Fresno

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