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Thomas H. Slone tom at potency.berkeley.edu
Fri Nov 17 12:06:46 EST 1995

The Carcinogenic Potency Database (CPDB) is a widely used resource on
the results of chronic, long-term animal cancer tests. It provides a
single, standardized and easily accessible database that includes
sufficient information on each experiment to permit investigations into
many research areas of carcinogenesis. Both qualitative and
quantitative information on positive and negative experiments are
given, including all bioassays from the National Cancer
Institute/National Toxicology Program (NCI/NTP) and results from the
general literature that meet a set of inclusion criteria. Analyses of
5000 experiments on 1230 chemicals are presented. For each experiment,
information is included on the species, strain, and sex of test animal;
features of experimental protocol such as route of administration,
duration of dosing, dose level(s) in mg/kg body weight/day, and
duration of experiment; histopathology and tumor incidence;
carcinogenic potency (TD50) and its statistical significance; shape of
the dose-response curve; author's opinion as to carcinogenicity; and
literature citation.

URL: http://potency.berkeley.edu/cpdb.html
tom at potency.berkeley.edu

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