Toxicity of HARD silicone implants

Ilena Rose ilena at connectnet.com
Wed Nov 22 03:42:20 EST 1995

ewsgroup called alt.support.breast-implant to enable people worldwide to 
communicate & share information on this issue.

Silicone is known to be a highly toxic substance & there are always infinite 
other undesirable substances mixed in. Some people seem to have horrific 
reactions just having the silicone in their systems - others have no problems 
for years - then suddenly their health deteriorates. Most breast implants do leak 
& many rupture - shooting the toxins into the system. 

Keep inquiring & don't be fooled by flawed studies.

BTW, I have a friend who has cheek & chin implants, & when his girlfriend 
slammed the door on his cheek, he's been lopsided & scarred since.

My very best,
Ilena Rose

On  1995/10/01 mciriell at mailbox.syr.edu wrote:
> I am considering having a chin implant put in to augment my chin.  I have
> read some rather distubing information about hard silicone implants.  The
> information I read stated that there has been some concern over the bio
> compatability of silicone, much like the breast implant debate.  I have
> also heard other who recommended I get a ceramic or titanium implant
> instead.  Are these better?  Any input would help.

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