Toxicity of HARD silicone implants

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Thu Nov 23 13:04:59 EST 1995

On  1995/10/01 mciriell at mailbox.syr.edu (Marc Ciriello) wrote:

> I am considering having a chin implant put in to augment my chin.  I have

	Well, we'd hope you were getting a chin-implant to augment
your chinny-chin-chin, and not your bunny-bun-bum.

> read some rather distubing information about hard silicone implants.  The

	No, you don't want a glass chin -- trust me on that one.

> information I read stated that there has been some concern over the bio
> compatability of silicone, much like the breast implant debate.  I have
> also heard other who recommended I get a ceramic or titanium implant
> instead.  Are these better?  Any input would help.

	Well, a titanium chin would be much better than a glass chin.
However, I think you should go for the ceramic Chia-chin.  I understand
green goatees are 'in' this year.  Probably really augment your face

Ilena Rose <ilena at connectnet.com> responded to Freshman-Marc with this:

>ewsgroup called alt.support.breast-implant to enable people worldwide to
>communicate & share information on this issue.

>Silicone is known to be a highly toxic substance & there are always infinite
>other undesirable substances mixed in. 

	Infinite?!  That sure is a lot!  I'll bet you got that from
some unflawed study.  Right?

>Some people seem to have horrific
>reactions just having the silicone in their systems - others have no problems
>for years - then suddenly their health deteriorates. Most breast implants do
>leak & many rupture - shooting the toxins into the system.

	Darwinism In Action!  Those bubble-brained bimbos wanted nice
plastic titties and now they're paying the price!  

	Nobody with a brain more massive than a goddamn pea would actually 
ask, let alone pay, to have some gooey foreign substance enclosed in a 
ziploc baggy, surgically implanted in their titties.

	I don't give a damn what doctors told those morons either.  Common 
sense would have ruled, if those morons had normal reasoning capabilities.

	I really love the excuses I read too.  "But they said it was safe!
I shouldn't be held accountable, in any way, shape or form <hee> for my 
actions."  Yeesh!  Then theres; "It's society's fault that I HAD to have 
implants.  I don't want to be imperfect -- like common people."

	The *good* news is that we can look forward to those morons
being purged from the global gene pool!

	Just think; the womyn that decided on the common run-of-the-mill
falsies, toilet paper shoved in their bras, or able to live with who they 
are -- are still running around and leading normal lives.

>Keep inquiring & don't be fooled by flawed studies.

	Good advice there, Ilena!  When you don't hear what you want, go 
to someone else.  Then, when you hear what you want -- ignore common
sense.  Perfect!

>BTW, I have a friend who has cheek & chin implants, & when his girlfriend
>slammed the door on his cheek, he's been lopsided & scarred since.

	Yes!  More Darwinism In Action.  Damn shame he didn't have a 
dick-implant.  That way when he'd be purged from the Gene Pool now.

	You seem to hang around a lot of plastic people.  Plastic
titties, plastic faces, plastic bubble-brains...

>My very best,
>Ilena Rose

	Happy Thanksgiving!


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