Toxicity of HARD silicone implants

Pourreau pourreau at aol.com
Mon Nov 27 18:35:56 EST 1995

Ilena Rose wrote:

>Silicone is known to be a highly toxic substance & there are always
>other undesirable substances mixed in. Some people seem to have horrific 
>reactions just having the silicone in their systems - others have no
>for years - then suddenly their health deteriorates. Most breast implants
do leak 
>& many rupture - shooting the toxins into the system. 

>Keep inquiring & don't be fooled by flawed studies.

>BTW, I have a friend who has cheek & chin implants, & when his girlfriend

>slammed the door on his cheek, he's been lopsided & scarred since.

The moral of this story:  irate girlfriends armed with doors have been
shown to be detrimental to your health.  Avoid them at all cost!

Dan ;)

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