Please read--organized discussions on bionet.toxicology?

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>> Dear Tox Netters,

>> If you have a particular subject that you would like to suggest for
>> discussion (and perhaps would like to lead the group in a discussion) then
>> please let me know. I envision these discussions as an "online" journal
>> club of sorts. Perhaps we could discuss one specific topic each month. If
>> you are happy with the way the group is functioning in the absence of
>> organized discussions, I would like to know that too.

>How about an organized discussion of novel proteins - i.e. how do you do
>toxicology on proteins which end up in the food supply or other
>biotechnology products (say transgenic plants)?  What parameters are worth
>looking at, and aren't proteins generally safe anyway?

I think the online-lournal club idea is very good one. It would allow
for a broad range of topics to be covered. As an example JBC is now
available on-line. This month;s dicussion leader could select an
article, pass around the title, we all read it and discuss the paper.
This would also allow for non-experts and humble graduate students
like myself a chance to test our analysis skills in public.

PS: The JBC address is: http://www-jbc.stanford.edu/jbc/

Let me know what think...
Sam Ralph
Marooned in MUN's Biochemistry Department :)
'81 CB650 that runs - right now anyway :)

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