Sick Horses, N.S. - Update

Helga Hoffmann greenweb at fox.nstn.ca
Fri Sep 8 10:06:32 EST 1995

        SICK HORSES - UPDATE - Sept. 8/95

Thanks for all the helpfull replies so far. Here is a small 
update on the situation.

Autopsy results to date:
Blood tests rule out the following - copper, lead, selenium 
poisoning, vitamin E or A overload.
Awaiting tissue sample results.
Stinking Willie or Ragweed poisoning ruled out.
Some lesions were noted at base of brain & spinal column.
Moderate inflammation noted on first & second layers of intestine.
Cerebral spinal fluid showed negative titre for equine herpes virus.
No evidence of viral particles on electron microscope exam.
Serum chemistries showed marked eosinophilia.

Summer fecal samples from eight horses showed moderate parasite 
levels but two showed NEGATIVE. Horses wormed in spring, will not
be wormed again during this illness.

Awaiting results of more horse blood and urine tests, plus another
metal analysis. Still trying to get mold tested.

NOTE: Questions about geese; they are free range but were fed 
horse grain. They sat faithfully on eggs - two goslings born -
one survived. Some egg contained no embryo and at least half 
contained partially developed embryos. 

For more information, please contact:
Betty Schneider: RR 3, Scotsburn, N.S., B0K 1R0, ph. 902-485-5609
Fran Bent: ph. 902-485-1966
Ardith MacKay: Box 550, Pictou, NS  BOK 1HO
E-mail messages: clan.craft at north.nsis.com

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