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          This message is being cross-posted to lists whose subscribers
          might be interested in public access to U.S. government
          information on the health effects of chemicals in the
          environment.  Instructions for retrieving the documents
          electronically are included.

           Summer 1995

          The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains
          a wide range of environmental information.  Some of this
          information tells us what chemicals and pollutants are released
          by industrial plants.  Other information tells us about the
          health and environmental effects of chemicals.  Still other
          information tells us what chemicals people may be exposed to.

          EPA believes that it is in everyone's interest to make this
          information available to the public.  "Public" here includes
          industry, state governments, community groups, environmental
          groups, and, of course, public citizens.  Access to information
          is the best way to ensure everyone has the opportunity to
          evaluate and reduce environmental and health risks.

          To make this information accessible, the Office of Pollution
          Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) within EPA provides a variety of
          information services and products.  These include call-in
          hotlines, publications,videos, diskettes with data, CD-ROMs, and
          access to on-line databases.

          This publication is one way for you to find out about EPA's
          information products related to chemicals.   The first edition of
          "Chemicals in the Environment: Public Access Information"
          provides information on a number of major OPPT products and
          services that reflect the scope of our programs.  We hope to
          reach a wide audience to let you know what information products
          are available, what they can do for you, and how to get them.

          The articles included in the first issue cover such topics as
          EPA's New Chemicals Program (which describes how EPA evaluates
          newly discovered chemicals for possible health effects);
          information sources for lead and asbestos; the Toxics Release
          Inventory (TRI); the OPPT Chemical Fact Sheets; the Pollution
          Prevention Information Clearinghouse; and industry health and
          safety studies which are submitted to EPA under the Toxic
          Substances Control Act.

          The files are accessible on the EPA Gopher Server on the Internet
          (address: gopher.epa.gov) under:
              EPA Offices and Regions/Office of Prevention, Pesticides and
              Toxic Substances/Toxic Substances/Chemicals in the
              Environment: Public Access Information.

          Persons without Gopher access can retrieve the issue and
          its contents through anonymous ftp from EPA's FTP server
          (ftp.epa.gov).  Log on the ftp server as anonymous.
          "Chemicals in the Environment: Public Access Information"
          can be found under the directory pub/gopher/cie.  The entire
          issue (in WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows format) is filed as
          pub/gopher/cie/summer95/issue01j.wpd.  [IMPORTANT: If retrieving
          the entire file, please note that it is in BINARY format and is
          800+ kbytes in size.]  ASCII versions of the articles are located
          under pub/gopher/cie/summer95/articles.  Use the mget command to
          retrieve all of the articles.

          The files are also accessible through the Right-to-Know
          Network (RTK-NET).  RTK NET can be accessed either by direct
          dial-up at (202) 234-8570 (8-N-1) or via the Internet (telnet
          to rtk.net--login as "public"--or use a Web browser to access
          it at http://rtk.net).  [NOTE: You must sign up for an account,
          which is free, before accessing some of RTK NET's databases.]
          "Chemicals in the Environment: Public Access Information" is
          presently located under:
              Documents/Chemicals in the Environment: Public Access
          For more information on RTK NET, call OMB Watch at (202) 234-

          Paper copies of "Chemicals in the Environment" are available from
          the following OPPT information services:

          The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Phone-    (202) 554-1404
          Assistance Information Service Hotline  TDD-      (202) 554-0551
                                                  Fax-      (202) 554-5603

          The Emergency Planning and Community    Phone-    (800) 535-0202
          Right to Know Act (EPCRA) and            or
          Superfund Hotline                       Local     (703) 412-9877

          We would like to know if this publication is helpful to you.
          Please direct your comments or questions to the editor,
          Randall Brinkhuis, at U.S. EPA, Office of Pollution
          Prevention and Toxics, Information Management Division
          (7407), 401 M Street SW, Washington DC 20460, Internet
          address:  brinkhuis.randall at epamail.epa.gov

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