What's your favorite Tox. Data Mgmt. System?

Robert L. Sieber rlsieb at ccmail.monsanto.com
Thu Sep 21 16:02:24 EST 1995

My company (Monsanto) runs a small animal tox. facility in St. Louis.  For
the 17 years that the facility has been in operation, we have used "home
brew" software specifically written to meet our data management needs by
an internal MIS staff.  As times have changed, it has become increasingly
difficult to keep the system current with our users' requirements.  As a
result, we are considering the purchase of a commercial tox. data
management system to replace our current system.  Step 1 of our process is
to see what's out there and whether people are happy with what they have. 
We are interested in getting as many of the following pieces as possible:

Animal colony management
Clinical Chemistry
Gross necropsy
Organ weights
(and I'm probably forgetting something important)

So what are you using?  Is it meeting your needs?  Is it well integrated? 
I welcome your input.  Many thanks in advance.

Bob Sieber
rlsieb at ccmail.monsanto.com

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