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Wed Sep 27 13:33:00 EST 1995

My girlfriend is desperately in need of FRESHWATER SNAILS (LYMNEA) which 
are infected with the parasite DIPLOSTOMUM-SPATHACEUM. They are required 
for her Msc. research, of which she is halfway through.  Her own snails
have just died, and new snails are needed NOW in order for her to continue.
The snails are being used to cultivate the DIPLOSTOMUM, which are crucial
in her research.  If you have and infected snails, or know where any can
be located she (we) would be hugely appreciative. Of course we will cover
any transportation costs of the snails to us as well. Incidentally, my
girlfriend and are are presently living 2000kms apart from one another, 
and will be until her Masters is completed. So, as you can see, time is of
the essance and ANY help would be welcome.  Thank-you SO much!!!

Ben Brooks

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