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                                 KAUSHIK DATTA

Dept. of Environ. & Occup. Health                Tel:(813)972-9204 (Home) 
College of Public Health                             (813)974-6639 (Office) 
University of South Florida                      Fax:(813)974-4718
13201 Bruce B.Downs Blvd., MDC 56                E-mail:eohst2 at koop.coph.usf.edu               
Tampa, FL 33612                   

Research in the area of drug/xenobiotic metabolism and disposition, its role in
carcinogenesis, mutagenesis and tetragenesis and the involvement of different
pharmacokinetic parameters in these events.

Aug.'91-present:    Doctoral Candidate in Biochemical Toxicology in the
                    toxicology program, College of Publich Health, University
                    of South Florida (USF), Tampa, FL.
Dissertation Topic: Contribution of human term and pre-term placental
                    lipoxygenase mediated xenobiotic metabolism towards
                    transplacental carcinogenicity and teratogenicity.
Graduation:         January/February, 1996
Aug.'90-July'91:    Graduate (doctoral) Student in the toxicology program, 
                    School of Pharmacy, Northeast Louisiana University (NLU),
                    Monroe, LA.
July'88-May'90:     M.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the Dept. of 
                    Pharmaceutical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, 
                    Varanasi, India.
June'84-May'88:     B.S. in Pharmacy from the Dept. of Pharmacy, Jadavpur
                    University, Calcutta, India.
Aug.'91-present:    -Responsible for toxicology research in multiple projects
                     focusing on novel metabolic pathways as RESEARCH ASSISTANT
                     in the Dept. of Environmental & Occupational Health,
                     College of Public Health, University of South Florida.
                    -Experienced in enzyme kinetics and inhibition studies;
                     enzyme isolation and purification from different mammalian
                     tissues using Affinity LC and Ion exchange HPLC.
                    -Experienced in in vitro metabolism of xenobiotics and their
                     bioactivation using different purified enzymes e.g.
                     Lipoxygenase, Peroxidase and Glutathione S-transferase.
                    -Identification of metabolites using different bionalytical
                     techniques.  At present, involved in the isolation and 
                     identification of azobis derivative of 4-aminobiphenyl,
                     the major metabolite of Lipoxygenase-catalyzed 4-aminobiph-
                     enyl co-oxidation.  This experimental finding will be
                     communicated in the 35th Annual Meeting of Society of 
                     Toxicology, Annaheim, CA.

At Smith Stanistreet (India) Ltd., Calcutta, India for 2 months in Pharmaceutical
formulation, Quality Control and Assurance.

-Handling analytical instruments such as UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Spectrofluori-
 meter, HPLC, GC, Oxygraph and Liquid Scintillation Counter.  Currently using
 GC/MS as a bioanalytical tool for metabolite identification.
-Gel Electrophoresis (phast system), Radioisotope-covalent binding studies,
 Radioactive TLC and protein purification using Column Chromatography.
-Data handling and presentation using statistical software, different word 
 processors, graphic programs and spread sheets compatible to both IBM and 
-Efficient in oral and written presentation and capable in working as a part of
 of a research group.

Society of Toxicology, USA.
Teratology Society, USA.
Indian Pharmaceutical Association.

May 9- Aug.10, 1993:  Experimental Methods in Molecular Biology, College of 
                      Medicine, University of South Florida.
June 22-28, 1992:     Pharmacokinetics and Developmental Toxicology-Principles
                      and Applications conducted by the Teratology Society at
                      Boca Raton, FL.
Feb.23, 1992:         Implementing Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Models-
                      Interactive Computer Session conducted by the Society of
                      Toxicology at the 31st annual meeting in Seattle, WA.
Datta, K., Joseph, P., Roy, S.K., Srinivasan, S.N. and Kulkarni, A.P.(1995)
"Peroxidative xenobiotic metabolism by partially purified peroxidase and lipoxy-
genase from human fetal tissues at 10 weeks of gestation". Gen.Pharmacol.26:

Datta, K., Roy, S.K., Mitra, A.K.  and Kulkarni, A.P.  (1994) "Glutathione
S-trans- ferase mediated detoxifaction and bioactivation of xenobiotics during
early human pregnancy".  Early Human Dev.  37:167-174.

Datta, K. and Kulkarni, A.P. (1994) "Inhibition of mammalian hepatic glutathione 
S-transferase by acetylenic fatty acids". Toxicol. Letts. 73:157-165.

Datta, K. and Kulkarni, A.P. (1994) "Oxidative metabolism of Aflatoxin B1 by
lipoxygenase purified from human term placenta and intrauterine conceptual
tissues". Teratology 50:110-116.

Datta, K. and Kulkarni, A.P. (1995) "Co-oxidation of all-trans retinol acetate
by human term placental lipoxygenase and soybean lipoxygenase". Reprod. Toxicol.
(under review).

Datta, K. and Kulkarni, A.P. (1995) "Co-oxidative metabolism of 4-aminobiphenyl 
by human term placental lipoxygenase and soybean lipoxygenase" (manuscript under



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