request for information on dermal or oral toxicity

Shelley Cole shelley at darwin.sfbr.org
Thu Apr 11 17:14:58 EST 1996

I have the need to evaluate the following compounds for their dermal and 
oral toxicity:

1. Co2(PO4)3 - cobalt phoshate - Co(III) This is unhydrated and a red to 
purple colored crystalline powder

2. CoO - cobalt monoxide - Co(II) black/grey powder

3. Co2O3 - cobalt trioxide - Co(III) also I believe a black/grey powder

These substances are formed as the result of the burning of jet fuel and 
deposited within the jet engine.

Please respond to: nicholas.giardino at guardian.brooks.af.mil

Thank you,

Nick Giardino

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