Environmental Toxins

Amanda Huron amanda at soundprint.org
Tue Apr 16 13:58:19 EST 1996

Greetings from the SOUNDPRINT Media Center!

We'd like to invite you to join us at
<http://soundprint.org/science/world_ends2.html> to discuss a new
environmental controversy: are chemicals long thought to be safe 
actually threatening our long-term survival as a species because of 
they way they disrupt our hormone and immune systems?  From our webpage
you can listen to the new SOUNDPRINT radio program, "This is the Way the
World Ends," featuring Dr. Theo Colburn at the World Wildlife Fund, who
explains her just-published book, "Our Stolen Future."

Some people think it's the most important environmental expose since
Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring."   Others say it's just bad science.
Agree or disagree, you can join us on the bulletin board to talk with
enthusiasts, skeptics, and  scientists.  Hope to see you at

Amanda Huron

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