Animal model criterion

George L. Wolff GWOLFF at NCTR.FDA.GOV
Fri Apr 19 15:05:54 EST 1996

    John Budny describes the ideal animal model in which to study 
human disease syndromes - using as an example the time course and 
relative virulence of M.tuberculosis-induced disease in the 
cynomolgus monkey as compared with the comparable response  
characteristics of the rhesus monkey. If the response pattern to the 
specific agent in the proposed animal model is closely similar to 
that of humans in general, what better crterion is there for choice 
of animal model?
    Why should there be any question that the best animal models to 
use in toxicology are those used in pharmacology and experimental 
therapeutics? If the pharmacologic response is studied in one animal 
model, the toxic responses to the samne agent should be studied in 
the same animal model - else how can you know whether the toxic 
responses to the same agent in a different animal model may not be due 
to the effects of a different background genome? 

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