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	I need help  on a BIG question that has come up--

	We have a 17 yr. old female, cause of death suicide by hanging, only a
preliminary autopsy was done, as the cause of death was undisputed.
	However, a toxicology was done looking for marijuana and alcohol.
	 It  is a known fact that said female was using marijuana within days
of her death.
	What are the possibilities that the toxicology report would come back
	I know that it is possible to "mask" things in tests sometimes, but if
they were looking for a specific substance, wouldn't it show up?
	What would be the deterioration rate of chemicals in the blood stream
after death, especially an "organic" substance?
	We are looking at an unknown time of death, but  we are looking at the
body not being discovered for a 3-4 hour period.
	I have no idea of the time frame on when the prelim was done (as far
as how soon after death) , but I do know that the body was in the
hands of the mortician  in less than 48 hours.

	What are the possibilities of this happening?

Thanks in advance for any insight, anyone can give.
gator at atlantic.net

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