antimony smelting

Mari Roughneen mrooghne at calvin.stemnet.nf.ca
Mon Apr 22 08:18:48 EST 1996

We require some information on the environmental effects of antimony 
smelting; if anyone is able to help us out we'd appreciate it.

Specifically, we are concerned with the use of arsenic and cyanide in the 
smelting process and how this affects the surrounding environment.

We have heard of a case in China where everything living within a 100 
mile radius of an antimony smelter was destroyed--has anyone heard about 
this incident?

The particular smelter we are concerned about will be located in a very 
rich moose, caribou and bear hunting area and it will be very close to 
town water supplies, as well as a salmon river--what adverse effects, if 
any, could this cause?

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