Need help: Ames Testing

MattCooper mattcooper at aol.com
Sun Apr 21 13:46:13 EST 1996

       Greetings fellow Toxicologists!!! I am currently a Ph.D. candidate
in Toxicology at the University of Kentucky.  My current research project
is the development of a new Ames Test that would lead to the elimination
of the S9 fraction (in some instances). I have coexpressed a human P450
2E1 enzyme with its P450 reductase in the bacterial membrane of some Ames
tester strains and other E. coli strains commonly used for mutagenicity
testing. Judging from the preliminary data, it appears that we have
established a funcational human monooxygenase system within the bacteria.

      Our next step is to compile Ames Test data on these strains.
Unfortunately, I have no Ames Test experience.  I am currently looking for
any laboratories (industrial, academic, or governmental) that perform the
Ames Test on a regular basis, or have experience in this field. My aim is
to arrange a time over this summer that I could spend working with anyone
in this field in order to learn the ins and outs of the procedure. I am
not necessarily looking for a paying position, although I wouldn't turn
one down. :)

     If anyone has experience in this area, or knows of some labs that
perform the test, I would greatly appreciate you contacting me.  Thank you
for your time.

Matthew Cooper
Laboratory of Associate Professor Dr. Todd Porter
Graduate Center for Toxicology
University of Kentucky

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