Animal models

George L. Wolff GWOLFF at NCTR.FDA.GOV
Mon Apr 22 11:40:37 EST 1996

I agree with Chuck Miller's post re "resemblance" rather than 
"identity" of animal models and their supposed human counterparts.  
My question always is "Which human" when supposed relevance of an 
animal model to humans in general is mentioned. 
    This is especially true of inbred and F1 hybrid animal models - 
one can select strains which have similar P450, etc. constitutions as 
particular humans but which do not resemble other humans. In fact, I 
suggest that an animal model should be selected based on its 
"resemblance" (in critical characteristics) to a particular 
identified/characterized human population or subpopulation instead of 
the criterion of resembling "Homo sapiens" per se. 

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