Animal models

John Budny jabudny at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 23 23:27:48 EST 1996

GWOLFF at NCTR.FDA.GOV ("George L. Wolff") wrote:
>I agree with Chuck Miller's post re "resemblance" rather than 
>"identity" of animal models and their supposed human counterparts.  
>My question always is "Which human" when supposed relevance of an 
>animal model to humans in general is mentioned. 

Makes sense.  Sounds like George and Chuck have had experience in the 
real world of toxicology.  "Wouldn't it be nice if all models were 
identical"  Get a life Jack!  It does not work that way.  Budny's First 
Law of Biology: "Mother Nature has a mind of her own."

I agree with both of you.  Now what I believe we have settled or at least 
until someone violently disagrees with the three of us, time-course of 
the disease (toxicant-induced because Paul may disagree that toxicant 
and vector diseases may be different)is a consideration that should be 
taken seriously without the burdensome requirement that the time-course 
be identical.  Is that agreeable to one and all?

Jack Budny
jabudny at earthlink.net

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