Toxic Substances in Breat Implants

Ilena Rose ilena at connectnet.com
Sun Apr 28 13:07:05 EST 1996

Dear Merryloo,

I just found your question. There are many toxic chemicals & metals in
breast implants. There are over 247 types of implants and each one may
have many formulations so it is impossible to know exactly what is in
each. The manufacturers changed the formulations of both the silicone
gel/liquid and the silicone elastomer envelopes often.

I am posting this on alt.support.breast-implant & you should get more info. 

Dr. Proctor said something in his response to you that is accurate:
 " The exposure is much more important than the agent"

Women with leaking (most do) or ruptured (most do eventually) implants
have 24/7/365 exposure - even women with their implants removed have
difficulty getting all the leaked out gel out of their system because it
migrates throughout the body.

A doctor here in San Diego who types the implants told me that one
implant  had the patches appearing nearly black upon explantation. They
found this to be because of the extremely high levels of platinum in the
implants. These women are among the sickest, also.

I am leaving town for a while - but this should start some discussion of
this matter.

Here are some places to find out more:

http://bcn.boulder.co.us/health/silicone/sshead.html   - Coalition of
Silicone Survivors

http://starfire.trimaris.com:80/~ussw/ - United Silicone Survivor

Best to you,
Ilena Rose

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>Subject: toxic chemicals in silicone gel
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>Does anyone have information regarding toxic chemicals used in silicone
>gel implants and toxic reactions to same.  

      Trace amounts of several things have been measured.   I am sure you can 
get a list for the asking on alt.support.breast-implant.     In any case,  the 
amounts are so low that there is no significant toxic hazard.   Remember the 
toxicologist mantra---  " The exposure is much more important than the agent".

Peter H. Proctor, PhD, MD   ABMT,   ABT

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