Toxicology Studies ?

Andrew J. Sonderfan sonderfa at procept.com
Mon Aug 12 11:32:32 EST 1996

>I am trying to find out if it is necessary to have toxicology studies done
>on fungi that is naturally occuring in soil. I have been told that as
>long as the organism is from nature and it is from soil than it is not
>necessary to have toxicology studies done ??

Depends, I guess.  Are you planning to market the fungi?  If so, I suspect
you will probably need to demonstrate safety for your planned use.  Just
because something occurs naturally at some level in nature doesn't mean
it's safe at some other level on food, or in a medicine, etc.  Recall that
the aflatoxins, naturally occuring mold products, cause liver toxicity and
cancer.  It's common, but not accurate, to think of "natural" (whatever
that means) things as "safer".


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