amalgam neuro-toxicalogy..

john john at nine7.demon.co.uk
Sun Aug 11 23:43:49 EST 1996

This idea that very poisonus mercury is bad if in the mouths fillings is 
credible to anyone seemingly.
But is it actualy possible to reason with a dentist to have a tooth pulled 
pronto, like in the old days?
Likly no.
I wonder where personality fits into this culture of untouchability.
I mean are there clans of industrial pharmesuticals owner families that are 
notorias for bad behavior?
I know that rumours abound, certain companys products when chalanged in the 
past, have had the chalangers verbaly warned of physical violance.

sincerely John G.
 Us neuron's don't know that much-period. (Everybody wants to 
be certifiably nice on this tide of awesome tech' power.)c? (Posts mispelt or 
not should be written with content to be worth saving so as apathy doesn't 
drown lurkers)c? 

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