Toxicology Studies ?

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>>I am trying to find out if it is necessary to have toxicology studies done
>>on fungi that is naturally occuring in soil. I have been told that as
>>long as the organism is from nature and it is from soil than it is not
>>necessary to have toxicology studies done ??

>Depends, I guess.  Are you planning to market the fungi?  If so, I suspect
>you will probably need to demonstrate safety for your planned use.  Just
>because something occurs naturally at some level in nature doesn't mean
>it's safe at some other level on food, or in a medicine, etc.  Recall that
>the aflatoxins, naturally occuring mold products, cause liver toxicity and
>cancer.  It's common, but not accurate, to think of "natural" (whatever
>that means) things as "safer".


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Cobra toxin is 100% natural, but I wouldn't mainline it if I were you, either. 
 Nature can be just as deadly as man, but she'd really have to work at it to 
get as good at it as we are.  :-)  :-/   :-<

Brian Hiestand

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